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August 13th Attendance Registration

All participants who will be presenting their talents during the All Talents Unto The King event on August 13 2022, need to register through this form above before the 1st of August 2022. Late entries or requests will not be accepted. Also by submitting your filled form, you agree to all Youth of Valor terms and conditions.

You do not have to be a talent presenter to come for the event, all Youth between 12 – 24 are more than welcome to come to the event just to be in the audience to bless God for all the good things that will happen on that day.

On top of agreeing with all the terms and conditions of Youth of Valor, you also fully agree that that by submitting any type of information, video, picture, texts, graphics, or any other form of content, you fully agree that you have full authorization from the owners of the content and, you consent that you are fully responsible for the mentioned types of media you post on this Youth Of Valor website. You are therefore agreeing that Youth of Valor is not at all responsible for any Video, pictures, texts,information, graphics or any other form of content you post on this website of Youth of Valor.